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2022_Johanna & Michael  (221)
2022_Johanna & Michael  (254)
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2022_10_09_WED_ Zeinab & Ali A (145)
2022_Uandi Photography_Jess+Connor  (385)
2022_ Nick + Stacy  (32)
4. Portraits  (147)
4. Photo Session  (251)
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U&i Photography

Where Happiness and Love begins


This is where everything begins… Life, Love, and Happiness.

U&I Photography is a boutique wedding photography company specializing in capturing special moments in weddings and other related events.


Since 2014, our goal has been to keep our client relationship personal, ideas fresh and our product timeless. Also in order to maintain our clients experience the best possible, we are absolutely open to client voices and offer a high-quality vendor recommendation service.

Moreover, we limit the number of clients per year to ensure the quality of our product so that we can dedicate our undivided attention to each and every single of our customers.


We would love to sit and talk to you and have you share your ideas so that we can draw together the dream wedding you have in mind. Give us a call, we live and breathe weddings and we’re super friendly.


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2022_Uandi Photography_Jess+Connor  (307).jpg
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Ottawa Wedding Photograher
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